After 10 years of Muay Thai, I’ve suffered my first directly related injury.  What a bizarre thing to happen.  So I throw a hard switch kick to the leg during a fighter test.  It’s perfectly blocked and instantly I feel like I’ve Anderson Silvaed myself.  I actually look down to make sure it isn’t flopping about.  The pain shoots from my ankle to my knee.  I manage to finish the round by putting it out of mind.  As soon as it’s over, I’m obviously limping.  It’s a week past now.  I’ve spent every day limping around at stupid work thinking I must have fractured the tibia.  Upon further investigation, Now that the severe cramping has started to subside, I have noticed a lovely hole in my tibialis anterior and discolored swelling around my ankle.  So new working theory. Josh blocked so perfectly that it cut the muscle through my shin pads and the swelling around my ankle is the pooling of blood.  LOL.  Only me!


5 thoughts on “Ouch!”

  1. Pics or it didn’t happen.

    (j/k we were practicing catching body kicks and my partner instinctively checked. Even though I was kicking at ~20%, where our shins crossed is crazy bruised.)

  2. I’m currently in PT for my shoulder, Coach and another girl are in slings…it just begs the question: why do we do this shit to ourselves? Besides the fact that we love it?!

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